About Us

At Jilasoan, we have been blessed with the knowledge and experience to help organizations with technology. We want to share that gift with you to help your organization meet and exceed your organization goals.

We partner with your team

Unlike other IT providers, we create and maintain relationships with your staff to provide the best possible service. We find your business’ needs and help you meet those needs.

We don’t outsource our services and our experienced technicians can always provide quality, timely support to keep your employees up and running. We also offer a variety of technology solutions that range from server management to salesforce development.

Mission Statement

To empower organizations to utilize technology effectively to enhance and support their organization’s mission.

Vision Statement

To be a trusted and key technology partner in moving our clients technology strategy forward.

Core Values


Focusing on the priorities that support our client’s mission.


Providing excellence in customer service by serving others like we want to be served.


Being truthful and respectful in all interactions.